Sitemap - 2019 - My Sweet Dumb Brain

The four things I learned from actually keeping my resolution this year

It’s the most wonderful* time of the year

Something to help you grow 🌱

Pass the stuffing, hold the resentment

Treat yo’ future self

Keep, donate, or toss

Does finding success come with guilt?

The places you find community

I went to church, and I liked it

Oops. I read the comments

The three things I’m finally doing more of

We all have to feel pain

A very good dog with a very good name

Figuring it out as we go along

I got kicked off the dance floor

Bird by bird and step by step

Paying attention to where I place my attention

Putting the labor in Labor Day weekend

Tiny rainbows and tiny changes 🌈

A break in the clouds

I saw the sign

Land of mass shootings and mass burnout

Get paid for your work

Forget a heat wave, I’m in a grief wave

32 miles down, 2,158 miles to go

I didn’t want to write today’s newsletter

What do I do with all this eco-anxiety?

I’ll rest in peace when I’m dead

I fell in love with freelancing

A lot can happen in six weeks

34 times my brain was more sweet than dumb

Traditions come and traditions go

Ask My Sweet Dumb Brain: How do I prove my worth as I age?

These Florida retirees have it figured out

The healing power of self-love notes

Ask My Sweet Dumb Brain: How do I survive this period of my life?

Don't forget to breathe

Anxiety left me at my weakest

You loved and lost, and learned a lot along the way

That time a questionnaire made me panic

If life is a circle, is there even a point?

The things I learned from Jamie

Failing rules!

Good, thanks for asking!

Ask My Sweet Dumb Brain: Am I crazy to give up a steady paycheck?

We're all gonna fail

It's a brand new year