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I created My Sweet Dumb Brain in Fall 2018, one and a half years after my husband died at 32. In the time since his death, I’d amassed a lot of emotions and thoughts about grief, depression, hope, guilt, sadness, and joy. This newsletter became a place to process all of it, and to share the things I’d learned with others.

I’ve since published more than 100 issues and watched as readership grew—from friends and family, to acquaintances, to total strangers! I’ve written about the fragility of life, the joys of freelancing, what it’s like to fall in love again, and much, much more. I’ve sharpened my skills as a writer, met other people with similar stories to mine, and heard from countless wonderful readers. It’s been a wild and rewarding journey, and I’m grateful for all of it.

My Sweet Dumb Brain publishes twice a week. Each Tuesday, I send out an essay to all readers. On Fridays, paying subscribers receive a second newsletter with additional thoughts, reader responses, related resources, and more. (Here’s an example subscriber-only issue.)


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