Its funny how fast my life moves forward when my cup is full. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to self care and to stop and say "Mom's taking a bubble bath kids, her cup is starting to look half empty" I just love when women remind other women how to straighten their crowns.

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I get this entirely. Last night while doing a million other things I listened to a @ww zoom session about self care and filling your own cup and loving every single day. Lately I'm trying to meditate before bed at the end of the day just to relax into sleep and have 3-5 sometimes more minutes to myself to rest myself before bed and to stretch and maybe feel a little more rejuvenated the next day.

The keep your cup filled to fill others is so true and has been a recent theme of mine. Focus on yourself and take care of YOU in order to be able to help others and to stay good for you. But love every day... just even though it's hard to, extremely hard somedays... you have to realize you are alive...

Gonna quick mention a song by TOOL before I go... parabola... as my mom was dying I listened to this song just to remind myself I am ALIVE and HERE... and my mom brought me into this world to be... BE... just BE... love everyday and if you need a hand, reach for it... and hold another's and pass on your strengths too ... share it... we are all in this together.

Also, Katie, I read the girls night in newsletter... glad I found out about YOURS thru that... and congrats on your vaccine!!! Enjoy getting back to a new normal world. Xoxo ❤

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